The Willow Vineyard



2008 The Willows Vineyard Shiraz

LOTS of fascination from the get-go; hyper ripe Shiraz pushing ripeness perhaps,but still with a great crunchy bite in the fruit,then gorgeous spicy oak, a choc-mint flavor layer,good length-what`s not to love.Overall a most entertaining drink right in its prime.
Value-Excellent. 4.5/5
The Advertiser Taste July 2012


2011 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

What`s going on is simply a reflection of a would be Australian classic wine style that`s just a little bit out of fashion. The quality of the wine of course, is really the thing-and this brilliant creature should be right in fashion. It`s a vigorous, confident and delicious dry white, which would partner up well with a nice diversity of foods including chicken, roasted or drunken, fish and chips (with a real acid tang to help here) and I can vouch that it does very well with oysters, sashimi and sushi. Winemaker Peter Scholz makes this natural and unforced white, with its characters of lemon, straw and herb, from vines he knows pretty well; his grandfather planted them.
The Melbourne Review Aug 2012


2011 The Willows Vineyard Semillon




2005 The Willows Vineyard Shiraz

Syrupy mixed berry, chocolate and sweet oak aromas introduce this hearty Barossa Shiraz. It`s very ripe and fairly powerful, but not as warm and fumey as its high alcohol might suggest. The generous, full palate has tons of flavour, good balance and depth, with ripe tannins carrying a lingering finish.****
Epicure THE AGE Dec 2008 Ralph Kyte-Powell


2005 The Willows Vineyard Shiraz

Here`s a typical Barossa Shiraz of high quality. With luxurious, mocha/chocolate, black-olive and blackberry flavours, it`s dense, chewy and packed with flavor. There`s a slight alcohol kick in the tail, but it will delight many!
100 TOP NEW RELEASES Gourmet Traveller Wine Feb/March 2009


2005 The Willows Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Wafts of Eucalypt betray the willows Cabernets. The North Para runs through the massive redgums of the vineyard; an occasional river that even occasionally floods the whole joint with volatile eucalyptus leaves and suddenly the wines smell like they came from Avoca. This one`s thick with sugared blackberry fruit gels and licorice rings as much as dark Barossa chocolate, and a good dollop of Ribena, then there`s a touch of the classic cabernet stretch before the dry terra rossa tannins sort out the finish. All of which adds up to a wine that will grow plump and lush and lovelier.
Feb 20/2009 Philip White THE INDEPENDENT WEEKLY


2006 the Willows Vineyard Semillon 2006

This magnificent Semillon comes from a 73 year old vineyard in the Barossa Valley.It has weight, structure, flavor and excellent palate length. Serve it with roast chicken.
Sydney Morning Herald Sunday Life Sally Gudgeon 2009


2005 The Willows Vineyard Bonesetter Shiraz

Significantly deeper colour than the varietal; proclaims its class from the word go, the blackberry and plum fruit beautifully complemented by cedary French Oak; long, perfectly balanced finish. Drink through 2020 94 points
Janes Halliday Aust Wine Companion 2009 edition


2006 The Willows Vineyard Bonesetter Shiraz

Mocha, tar, leather and fruitcake on the bouquet; toasty oak comes through on the palate and frames the abundant sweet fruit; a little time will see the fruit come to prominence in this wine. Drink through 2018 94points
James Halliday Aust wine Companion 2010


2006 The Willows Vineyard Single Vineyard Semillon

Fresh cut hay and lemon bouquet; a generous level of fruit, with a slight toasty note to conclude.
James Halliday Aust Wine Companion 2010


The Willows Vineyard 2005 Shiraz -GOLD Medal Barossa Wine Show 2008

The Willows Vineyard 2006 Semillon –

GOLD Medal Barossa Wine Show 2008 & 2009 & 2010
Barossa WINE SHOW 2010 Prowine Trophy for BEST Semillon

2005 The Willows Vineyard Shiraz GOLD Medal NZ International Wine Show 2009


2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

The Barossa is the only major player in the straight Semillon business outside the Hunter. From a 70 year old block, this is fresh and exciting even after four years` maturity. Lemon cream biscuits to begin,classic crisp Semillon,freshly picked (12.5%) with zest driven power. It`s worth getting a few to watch them turn the corner into an ageddeveloped


2006 The Willows Vineyard Bonesetter Shiraz

This is the reserve style Shiraz from Peter Scholz; a luxuriously rich,soft,dense red with chocolate and vanilla, ultra ripe black fruits and decadent silken depths. A voluptuous crowd pleaser.NOW TO 15 years, 93/100
Huon Hooke Sydney Morning Herald May 2010


2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

The Barossa is not the first region usually identified with Australian Semillon but if the grapes are harvested reasonably early, like this one, the result can be excellent. It`s 12.5% alcohol and while not a racy, Hunter style , it`s very tasty right now after 4 years. Candlewax and lightly toasty developed bouquet; soft and subtle in the mouth with good flavor and a touch of resiny regional character.Great value, and just a really nice drink.
Huon Hooke Gourmet Traveller Wine AUG 2010 BEST BUY WINES


2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

Semillon is a golden skinned grape that makes vibrant wines with lemon, green apple and grassy characters. Over time ,they develop juicy flavours of toasty honeysuckle and waxy lemon butter. More generous styles hail from the Barossa Valley, Like this one from The Willows Vineyard. Semillon is great with crustaceans like lobster, marron, crab and prawns as well as fresh salads, antipasto, chicken and goat`s cheese.

Louise Radman Sumptuous Aug 2010


2010 The Willows Vineyard Riesling

Awarded 5 Trophies Barossa WineShow 2010

  • L Hugo Gramp Trophy – Best Riesling, current vintage
  • Bruce Thiele Memorial Trophy – Most Outstanding Barossa White Table Wine
  • Barossa Living Trophy – Most Outstanding Single Vineyard Table Wine
  • Barossa Printmasters Trophy - Most Outstanding Table Wine, Small Producer
  • Wine Business Traveller Trophy – Most Outstanding Barossa Table Wine

2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

What a great opportunity to delve into the magic that occurs in a developing Semillon.Winemaker Peter Scholz always fancied the 06 as a beauty and he`s right,with lemon cream biscuits to begin before classic crisp Semillon with zest-driven power drives the palate. It`s barely started to age and should be sensational in another few years. 94
points Tony Love TOP 100 the Advertiser NOV 2010


2006 The Willows Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Here`s proof that one small district, perhaps even one single vineyard block, even, can show itself in one wine. It`s full of personality, no add ons, no frills, but totally distinctive with vibrant mint and eucalyptus characters entwined with intense cassis and cabernet fruit and delightful, fine tannins. Simply beautiful from start to finish.95 points
Tony Love TOP 100 The Advertiser NOV 2010


2010 The Willows Vineyard 2010 Riesling

This Riesling from the north east sector of the Barossa, bowled everyone over at this years Barossa Regional Wine show. Grown in foothill country and cooled by gully breezes, the fruit here is distinctively grapey with a splash of lemon juice and a herbal edge of sorrel, soursob and faint mintiness.
Cellardoor by Tony Love SA Weekend Magazine Nov 2010


2006 The Willows Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Using fruit from their estate vineyard in the north eastern Barossa,this is as honest as you get in terms of one block showing all its personality, no add ons, no frills.Famous for their Semillon,the Willows crew have created a distinctive style compared with many other Barossa cabernets.Showing vibrant mint and eucalypt characters,this intense cabernet berry drink has wonderfully fine tannins and is a real beauty.5***** Fantastic value/CAPTIVATING!

Tony Love The Advertiser Sept 2010


2011 The Willows Vineyard Riesling

Amazing quality for the price. Very floral and limey, soft and rich and not quite bone dry, this is a very user friendly Riesling of high quality. Enjoy it now and for 5 years.94/100

Huon Hooke Good Living Sydney Morning Herald March 2011


2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

The Willows is a pleasure factory, pure and simple. Reds or whites,it doesn`t matter,they amiably go on doling out pleasure by the bucketload.This is fabulous stuff, effortlessly knitting together the opposing flavours of lemon juice, grapefruit pith and zest and coffee beans with hazel and cashew nut warmth. It manages to be rich yet austere at the same time, and will get mellower with age.

OZ Clarke`s 250 Best wines 2011 Number 27


2006 The Willows Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

A sybaritic cavalcade of rich,ripe fruit and spice.Eucalyptus oil and mint,sweet blackcurrant,morello cherries and chocolate-but it`s bitter black chocolate and the tracle this is draped in is black. So this isn`t just deep red lollipop juice. It`s serious wine and it`ll get even better with age, but the seriousness never gets in the way of putting a big smile on your purple stained lips.

Oz Clarke`s 250 Best Wines 2011 Number 31


2008 The Willows Vineyard G7 Grenache/Shiraz

Spicy,medium bodied, soft and dangerously drinkable, this has all the sweet fruit, succulence and gentle tannin softness we expect from Barossa Grenache blends. Easygoing and full of character.Now to 6 years.92/100

Sydney Morning Herald /Good Living. Huon Hooke


2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

The great Australian white wine comes in many guises. In this case it`s a restrained, harmonious Barossa Semillon with bottle-developed citrus, butter, linseed savouriness, lanolin and toasty characters. It has outstanding balance,being vital but gentle,ultra-long across the palate, and fine at the end.Lovely.
Selector Magazine Summer 10/11


2008 The Willows Vineyard Bonesetter Shiraz

Slightly deeper colour, the bouquet with potent black fruit and French oak aromas, the full-bodied palate with deep-seated blackberry and dark plum fruit, the tannins ripe and oak integrated; has excellent line, length and balance. 95 points Drink through to 2040

James Halliday Aust Wine Companion 2012


2010 The Willows Vineyard Semillon GOLD Medal Barossa Wine Show 2011

2006 The Willows Vineyard Semillon 3 Trophies Barossa Wineshow 2011

The Prowine Trophy Best Dry White Semillon
The Barossa Living Trophy Most Outstanding single Vineyard Table Wine
Most Outstanding Table Wine Small Producer, Premium classes


2011 The Willows Vineyard Riesling

WHAT a pretty little darling of a wine this is, the follow up to last year`s top wine of the Barossa regional wine show. The Riesling shows a floral and light hearted approach, with lemon sherbet scents and a delicate line of citrus fruit over the palate. It`s crisp, lithe and lip smacking-everything you desire in a new vintage Riesling. A real joy to drink.
Fantastic Value.5/5
Tony Love The Advertiser Sept 2011


2010 The Willows Vineyard Semillon

While the 06 older sibling is still out there winning trophies,this new release shows lots of attractive personality as well; lemon-curd like to a touch of crème brulee (without the burnt sugar top) and a mouth filling wash of citrus juice and mineral in the finish. Buy a box and watch them develop. 93 points
The Advertiser TOP 100 Wines 2011